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Public Comment Registration Form

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  2. Public Comment Registration Form

    • Public Comment Period is designated for items not on the Agenda.
    • Please complete this form and submit to the City Secretary's office, an hour before a scheduled City Commission Meeting. Late submittals will not be accepted.
    • Materials such as handouts, flyers or memos must be submitted to the City Secretary for the distribution to the City Commission.
      PowerPoint presentations are not authorized.
    • Please approach to the podium when your name is recognized by the Mayor.
      State your name and address for the record.
    • Comments are limited to 3 minutes. Please abide by the allotted time.
    • Please address the Commission and not to one specific member. All comments must relate to the issue you listed below.
    • The Commission is not required to respond to comments.

    Note: City Commission meetings are recorded live and your comments may become part of the permanent public record.

  3. I wish to address the Mayor and City Commission [Three (3) minute time limit.]*

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