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Summer Program Kids Survey

  1. Summer Recreation Program Survey

    Your voice matters. Give us your input.

  2. Do you think the Summer Recreation Program improved your quality of life?*

  3. The registration process for the summer recreational program was:*

  4. The manner in which staff answered my questions was:*

  5. I would rate communication between staff and parents/guardians as:*

  6. Overall, I would say the summer recreation program is:*

  7. This was the first time I registered my child for the program.*

  8. Will you be returning next year?

  9. Are you happy with weekly session registration?*

  10. Would you rather have only one session to cover duration of summer? *

  11. Do you need time accommodations? *

  12. My child enjoyed arts and crafts:*

  13. My child enjoyed cooking activities:*

  14. My child enjoyed the pool:*

  15. My child enjoyed sports and recreation:*

  16. My child enjoyed indoor activities like board games/video games:*

  17. My child enjoyed field trips:*

  18. My child enjoyed the Girl Scouts:*

  19. My child enjoyed outdoor activities:*

  20. My child enjoyed the music:*

  21. My child enjoyed science activities:*

  22. Would you recommend this program to others?*

  23. Do you have a special need?​ If Yes, would you like to have an accommodation provided by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist? *

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