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RCP Roller Skating Survey

  1. Roller Skating Survey

    We are investigating the opportunity to provide a fun and healthy activity for individuals and families to participate in roller skating. We need your support to understand the demand and help us structure the funding application on the needs of the community and our customers and visitors. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey.

  2. Have you ever participated in a roller skating activity?*

  3. How often do you go roller-skating?*

  4. Would having a roller-rink at RCP affect the frequency that you roller skate?*

  5. Do you feel that participation in this activity contributes to your quality of life?*

  6. Will you want to rent skates for a fee?*

  7. Do you think family sessions are a good idea?*

  8. Would you like private hire for parties?*

  9. Would you like to see a roller disco activity?*

  10. Do you feel helmets should be compulsory?*

  11. Will you need a modification due to a disability to participate in this program?*

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