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Program and Event Survey

  1. City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department

    City of Brownsville Parks and Rec requests your help. Please complete the following Customer Satisfaction Survey based on the program recently completed. Your opinion will be valued and will help to shape future operations. Thank you for your time.

  2. How did you hear about this program/event?*

  3. Do you feel that participating in this program contributed to your quality of life?*

  4. Recreation Center staff treated me with courtesy *

  5. Program instructor was professional. *

  6. I received information in a timely manner. *

  7. I was provided accurate information. *

  8. Program/activity was offered at a convenient time. *

  9. Registration process was clearly communicated. *

  10. Registration was quick and easy. *

  11. Overall quality of the program met my expectations. *

  12. I am more aware of the programs and events offered by Park and Recreation. *

  13. I would participate in similar Park and Recreation activities in the future. *

  14. I would highly recommend these programs to others. *

  15. Do you or child have a special need?​ If Yes, would you like to have an accommodation provided by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist? *

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