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Brownville Parks & Recreation Department Adaptive Recreation Interest Survey

  1. Brownville Parks & Recreation Department Adaptive Recreation Interest Survey

    Adaptive Recreation programs are designed to include individuals with developmental or physical disabilities in appropriate recreational activities. The goals of these programs are to provide a positive and supportive learning environment where individuals can explore new skills, develop friendships, and have opportunities to gain a sense of independence. The purpose of the survey below is to give us a better understanding of the needs and interests of individuals in our community.

  2. How often do you want to participate in a recreational class or program?*

  3. What are the best times for you to participate in recreational classes or programs? *

  4. Please check activities you would most like to see offered at our facilities:*

  5. What are your recreation goals? *

  6. If your child attends a local school would you be interested in having the recreation programs follow your child’s IEP from school?*

  7. Did participating in a parks and recreation department activity/program/event/etc contribute to your quality of life?*

  8. How did you hear about this survey?*

  9. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your opinions and suggestions are valued and appreciated!

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