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Archery 101 at Oliveira Park Survey

  1. Archery 101 Customer Satisfaction Survey

    In an effort to continuously improve our program, we ask you to please fill out this short evaluation. Thank you!

  2. Have you participate in another Parks and Recreation Program?*

  3. How did you hear about this program?*

  4. When you registered for this program, the process (Forms, etc) was simple/*

  5. The condition of the park/facilities were:*

  6. The equipment was adequate and well cared for*

  7. Was the class well organized?*

  8. I found the staff at the program to be polite, professional, and helpful.*

  9. This program was very safe and informative. I was comfortable and at ease.

  10. Overall, I would rate the program as*

  11. You or your child learned skills and progressed as you expected.*

  12. Would you enroll yourself or child(ren) in this program again?*

  13. If the class had a fee...*

  14. Would you refer us to a friend?*

  15. What other activities would you like to see offered by parks and recreation?

  16. Do you or child have a special need?​ If Yes, would you like to have an accommodation provided by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist? *

  17. Archery 101 class improves quality of life*

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