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Teen's Robotics Class Registration 2017 (Southmost)

  1. Robotics Class Registration

  2. Welcome to the Brownsville Public Library System 2017 Robotics Class Registration.

    Event to be hosted at the Southmost Branch Library on June 23 from 1 - 5 pm.
    NOTE: Class is limited to 32 seats.

  3. Teen Information

    For teens ages 13 - 17.

  4. Library card must be free of fines.


    Please use this section to enter the information of the person responsible for the child above.

  6. Disclaimer
    By participating or attending any event in the Brownsville Public Library System's 'Summer Reading Program,' you agree to allow the City of Brownsville and any of its department, including the Brownsville Public Library System and Brownsville.TV to record, photograph, and/or voice for any on-air and web publicity.

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