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Riverside Park

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About this Park

This linear park(1,000 feet long by 100 feet wide) possess a strong grove of trees that give it an arboretum quality and feel.  Situated between residential development and a railroad easement, this park is a welcome escape from the structure and sounds of the city.

Consisting of a playground, and a small loop trail, this little park is a breeze.  Enjoy the canopy of trees that make up the landscape of this park.

The park was renovated in 2018.  It now features an all-inclusive playground with ramps for wheelchair access, a rumble slide and soft padding on the ground.  The park also has ADA parking spaces and picnic tables.  Riverside Park now marks the fifth all-inclusive park in Brownsville, Texas.

ATTENTION:   In response to the spread of COVID-19, playgrounds and facilities are temporarily closed.

If you decide to visit a park/trail, please be mindful of social distancing. Protect yourself and others. Make sure you're wearing a face mask (face covering). Maintain distance--Stay 6 feet away from other people. Avoid mass gathering. No crowds, no groups. 

COB PARD staff will be working to help maintain the standard upkeep, maintenance, stewardship of site facilities.  

Stay safe.