Get Your House Ready for a New Pet

Before you bring a new animal into your home, make sure your house is pet-ready. Take a tour around your home and yard with your parents, using this as a checklist:
  • Are there any holes, broken concrete, drains, or swimming pools that your pet could fall into or get stuck in? They need to be fixed before your pet arrives.
  • Are there any gaps in the fence, or a broken gate, that might allow your new pet to get out of your yard?
  • Are there any poisons, like snail bait, antifreeze, or other toxic chemicals just sitting out? These things are super-poisonous to animals. Make sure containers are stored away in locked cupboards far out of reach.
  • Check for dangling electrical cords in the house or outside. Puppies, kittens, and rodents love to chew them, thinking they're toys. Cover cords or tape them down with industrial tape.
  • How about your toys? Do you have any Legos or other small pieces lying around that an animal could choke on? Keep your things out of reach of little paws.
  • What about stuff that breaks? If you don't want something to get knocked over or stepped on - maybe your mom's valuable vase or your favorite model airplane - put it up high or away for a little while.