Street Maintenance & Paving

The Department of Public Works Street Maintenance staff is comprised of two Supervisors and thirty-two (32) full-time employees. The streets maintenance enthusiastically conducts routine, preventive maintenance on the City’s 650 miles of roadways. The preventive maintenance will extend the life of the road to keep it looking in like-new condition. The work performed under the preventive maintenance program is an important step in maintaining the City’s streets. The preventative maintenance consists of; pothole repairs, patching, crack sealing, PUB patches, spot repairs, milling and paving.  

2017 Street Maintenance Annual Report

  • Evaluated and corrected one hundred and twenty-one (121) Alleyway work orders
  • Maintained 12.13 miles of alleyways
  • Prepped, milled and paved forty-five (45) street work orders
  • Prepped, milled and paved over 18 miles of roadways
  • Completed one thousand, four hundred and thirty-four (1,434) pothole work orders
  • Completed five hundred and eighty-seven (587) PUB work orders
  • Addressed and completed 3,484 citizens’ concerns


Street Overlays by Electoral District

District 1
Paredes Line Rd. 
E. Polk St.
E. Taylor St.
E. 22nd St.
E. Van Buren St.
E. Harrison St.
District 2
N. Central Ave.
Mar St. 
Robindale Rd.
Joseph Ave.
San Jacinto Rd.
Coffee Rd. 
Palmetto Ct. 
Alan Dale Rd. 
Eastern Blvd. 
North St. 
Benden Cir.
Cattadori St. 
District 3
Michoacan St. 
Dana Rd. 
Colony Trail 
Loma Linda Ave. 
Stanford Ave
Marquette Ave.
Las Casas St.
Barnard Rd. 
Calles Ave. 
Woodruff Ave.
Tulane Ave.
Greenbriar Ave. 
Villanueva Ave.
Carthage Ave.
Aldridge Ave. 
District 4
Runnels Rd.
Center Dr. 
Lance Ln. 
Delia Ln.
Katy Ln.
Jo Ann Ln.
Avenue A
Avenue B
Sam Perl Blvd. 
Gilson Rd.