Printing Maps


How do I print my map?


  1. Click the 'Print' icon (which looks like a computer printer) in the title bar.
  2. In the Title bar of the 'Print' box, type your title for the map (optional)
  3. Select the layout for the map (optional)
  4. Using the Format drop down menu, choose a format from the provided options; maps can be saved in various image file formats, or as a PDF. (optional)
  5. If you want to use a custom scale for the map, use the scrolling wheel on your mouse to select a different scale and check the 'use this scale' box. (optional)
  6. Click the Print button.

Instructional Video

View a helpful step-by-step video on printing your selected GIS map (WMV).


Videos are recorded in WMV format, and require Windows Media Player to be installed on your computer to view.