Finding Addresses


How do I find an address in Brownsville?


  1. Open the City of Brownsville GIS Working Group map found on our Business and Residents & Visitors pages.
  2. Click on the Address icon (which appears as a mailbox) in the title bar
  3. There are two search methods to search for an address
    1. Graphical search
      • Click on the first binoculars icon (labeled as 'select features') in the Address Search box
      • Use a point, line, or polygon to find something on the map
      • Click on the map at a starting point for the search
      • Drag the mouse to the end point and double click on the mouse
      • The results will be shown the results box
    2. Text Search
      • Click on the second binoculars icon (labeled as 'select by attribute') in the Address Search box
      • Type the address (for example, "1001 E Elizabeth Street")
      • If the address is found the result will be shown in the results box and marked with a mailbox icon in the map view.
      • If the address is not found, a message, “No features found” will appear
  4. Hover your mouse pointer over the desired address and left click to select the desired address.
  5. Click ‘Zoom to’ to zoom into the address.
  6. Print your map or save it on your computer.

Instructional Video

View a helpful step-by-step video on searching the GIS map by address (WMV).


Videos are recorded in WMV format, and require Windows Media Player to be installed on your computer to view.