Using Map Layers


How do I use map layers?


Each map layer contains similar but different information from the other layers. Think of the layers as layers of a sandwich. There’s the bread, the meat, the cheese, lettuce, etc. Each is very much different from the other, but put them together and you have something else! For example, the Bus Department Layer has a layer of bus stops and a layer of route information. Put them together and add some street names and you have a very useful map for people who ride the bus. By clicking the box next to the layer you ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ the various layers to display different kinds of information.

Layers in Use

We have provided lists of layers used on maps of Brownsville, as examples. Some are maintained by the City of Brownsville and some are maintained by other entities.

Base Map of Brownsville

  • Address Points
  • City Limits
  • County Parcels
  • Electoral Districts
  • Hike and Bike Trails
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Street Intersections
  • Streets
  • Zip Codes


  • Bus Department
  • City Business Licenses
  • Planning and Zoning

Residents & Visitors

  • Brownville Independent School District Schools
  • City Facilities
  • City Parks
  • City Wi-Fi
  • Garbage Collection Districts
  • Public Safety