City Auditor

Taxpaying individuals, citizens, and public officials alike are concerned about how effectively their government uses its resources. Taxpayers and citizens of Brownsville want quality services that are cost effective. Public officials of Brownsville want assurance that the programs they create are administered effectively, efficiently, and economically.

What is an Auditor?

Auditors / fraud examiners have unique abilities. In addition to technical business skills, the successful auditor has the ability to elicit facts from numerous witnesses in a fair, impartial, lawful manner, and to report the examination results accurately and completely. As a result, the Auditors / fraud examiners are part lawyer, part accountant, part criminologist, and part investigator.

The City Auditor is fundamental in achieving the proper conduct of government functions and administration of available resources through the implementation of well-balanced Internal Controls. Internal Controls are all actions taken to make the entity run effectively to achieve its goals.

Audits evaluate if the City:

  • Accomplishes its Goals and Objectives
  • Accounts for and Safeguards Assets From Loss, Damage, or Inappropriate Use
  • Complies With Applicable Laws, Regulations, Established Policies, Plans, and Procedures
  • Enforces Collection and Reporting Efforts
  • Implements Controls and Promotes Their Effectiveness at a Reasonable Cost
  • Manages and Maintains the Accounting and Statistical Data
  • Operates Economically, Efficiently, and Effectively
The City Auditor's Office provides reports and updates to the City Manager and/or City Audit Committee as needed.

Auditing Standards

The City Auditor's Office is guided by standards outlined in the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) provided by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. To view the current Yellow Book click here.


The City Auditor's office holds memberships with the following organizations: