Rider Guide

How the System Operates
All buses operate in the Brownsville area only. Most of the bus routes (except for routes 15 and 30) start and finish their trips at La Plaza at Brownsville terminal in downtown Brownsville. Most routes are scheduled to provide a trip about once every hour.


We provide service throughout Brownsville with thirteen bus routes, running from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Monday through Saturday. Bring your bike along and store it in our convenient bike racks! 

Comments, Questions, Complaints

For all inquiries, please call (956) 541-4881. When relaying a concern or complaint please note, if appropriate, the bus route, bus number, time of day, and location of incident, if possible. The more information provided, the more likely Brownsville Metro can address the problem. Written correspondence may be sent to bmetro@cob.us or Brownsville Metro, 755 International Boulevard., Brownsville, TX 78520. Please write "Complaint" in the subject line of the email or on the envelope if appropriate.
  1. Before Your Trip
  2. During Your Trip
  3. Ending Your Trip
  4. Other Important Info

Planning Your Trip

To plan your trip, start by looking at the system map and or individual route maps to determine which route to use. Then look at the corresponding schedule to find the times your selected route will stop at your destination. Remember that the maps do not show all the bus stops and that you may have to walk a few blocks before reaching a bus stop.

You should plan your schedule before you make your trip. If you plan on making many trips a week to get to work or some other place, make sure you study the maps to find the options that best suit your travel patterns. If you need any assistance in planning your trip contact Brownsville Metro at 956-548-6050 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A Brownsville Metro Communication Specialist will assist you after regular hours, but some delay is possible.

Catching the Bus

Getting on and off of the bus is allowed only at designated bus stops. Blue and white bus stop signs are posted at all designated stops and many stops provide all-weather shelters. Make sure to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes early. When the bus approaches, look for the route number and destination sign above the windshield. Always feel free to confirm with the driver that you are getting on the correct bus.

Paying Your Fare

For more information, visit our Paying Your Fare page.