ADA Paratransit Service

All City of Brownsville Metro fixed route vehicles meet applicable American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and are accessible for persons who use mobility aids. In accord with ADA, the City of Brownsville also operates an ADA Paratransit Service for people with disabilities who are not able to ride fixed route public transportation.
Paratransit bus


The trip fare is $1.50 per trip.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to use the ADA Paratransit Service, individuals must apply for a determination of eligibility. Individuals must meet at least one of the following three eligibility criteria, whether permanently or for a limited period of time:
  • Unable to board, ride or disembark independently from any readily accessible vehicle on the regular fixed route system
  • Unable to access existing accessible fixed route transportation because that transportation is not available at the needed time on that route
  • Unable to get to pick up and drop off locations of regular fixed route system

Application Process

Individuals interested in using the ADA Paratransit Service must submit a completed application (PDF) to the City of Brownsville Metro department. A written determination of eligibility will be made within 21 days following the application submission. If a decision on eligibility is not made within 21 days, the applicant is considered "conditionally eligible" and may use the ADA Paratransit Service starting on the 22nd day until a final determination is made.

More Information

Download an application (PDF) or the City of Brownsville (COB) Metro ADA Policies and Procedures (PDF). You may also call us at 956-541-4881 for more information or to request an application.


For Complaints and the Complaint Process please visit this link:
Brownsville Metro ADA Complaint Process