Bus Fares & Passes


  • General fare is $1.00
  • Riders should have the exact fare amount when boarding the bus. / Favor de depositar la tarifa exacta cuando suba.

Transfer / Transbordos

  • Transfers are $0.25
  • Transfers are only valid for 2 hours after they have been purchased and may not be used to ride the same bus the transfer was purchased on. / Transbordos son válidas sólo durante 2 horas después de que se han emitido y no pueden utilizarse para viajar en el mismo autobus en que el transbordo fue comprada
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Reduced Fares / Tarifas con Descuento

  • Students / Estudiantes - $0.75
    • Must present a valid student identification card issued by the school where the student is currently enrolled. / Debe presentar una tarjeta de identificación de estudiante válido expedida por la escuela donde el estudiante está matriculado actualmente.
  • Seniors* / Adultos de Edad Avanzada - $0.50
    • Must present a valid discount identification card issued by B-Metro. / Debe presentar una tarjeta de identificación de descuento válido expedida por Brownsville Metro.
  • Individuals with Disabilities* / Incapacitados - $0.50
    • Must present a valid discount identification card issued by Brownsville Metro. / Debe presentar una tarjeta de identificación de descuento válido expedida por Brownsville Metro.
  • Medicare - $0.50
    • Must present proof of Medicare enrollment. / Debe presentar comprobante de inscripción a Medicare.
  • Children Under 6 / Niños Menores de 6 años - Free / Gratis

    ** Information on Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities
    All persons wishing to receive the discount fare must obtain a valid discount identification card for a fee of $5.00 issued from B-Metro at the Information Desk located inside the terminal on 755 International Blvd., Brownsville, Texas. 

    - This card has the B-Metro logo and a picture of the passenger, along with identifying information.

    In order to receive the card, the passenger must present one of the following:

     1. A valid Medicare card and/or  any additional proof of identity such as 
         passport or a Texas ID (for ADA discount)
     2. Proof of identity and age (for the elderly discount 
     3. An elderly person is any person sixty (60) years of age or older. 
     4. Proof of disability

    The following is a non-exclusive list of sources that may constitute proof of disability for the purpose of obtaining an Elderly/ADA Card:    

              1. A letter on business letterhead from a medical doctor or another  
       medical professional indicating the name and address of the person 
       requesting the discount and documenting the disability.

    2. A letter on business letterhead or an official ID card from a 
       governmental agency (such as the Social Security Administration or 
       the Veteran’s Administration) documenting either a disability or that 
       the person is receiving benefits as a result of a disability.

    The discount identification cards will be issued immediately upon receipt and verification of materials and after a photo of the passenger is taken. B-Metro will make copies of all documents received.

    The discount identification card must be presented to a Transit Operator upon boarding a fixed route bus or to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) upon purchasing a discounted ticket in order to receive the discount.

Passes / Pases

Type of Pass
Day Pass / Diario
$  2.50
Weekly Pass / Semanal
20 Ride Student / 20 Viajes Esudiante
$  9.00
20 Ride Senior / 20 Viajes Edad Avanzada
$  5.00
20 Ride Individuals with Disabilities / Incapacitados
$  5.00
Students, seniors, and individuals with disabilities holding a 20 ride pass must present valid school issued or a B-Metro issued identification card while boarding. / Debe presentar una tarjeta de identificación válida expedido por una escuela o Brownsville Metro al embarque.


Services will not be provided on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.