City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department 
2019 Events & Activities

• April 18 - Easter Egg Hunt @ BSP
• April 27 - Earth Fest @ Linear Park
• May 4 - Rebel Fest: A Star Wars Celebration @ Linear Park
• May 18 - Lunada @ Linear Park
• June 15 - Lunada @ Linear Park
• July 4th - Salute to Freedom 4th of July Celebration @ BSP
• July 20 - Lunada @ Linear Park
• August 17 - Lunada @ Linear Park
• September 21 - Lunada @ Linear Park
• October 26 - 5th Annual Haunted Trails @ Resaca De La Palma State Park
• December 7 - Holiday Lighting Ceremony @ Washington Park

All activites and events are weather permitting and subject to change.  Please follow us on social media @btxparks or dial 546-HELP.

Brownsville Texas  is a great place to explore and enjoy.  We are unique in part to location, a subtropical climate, a rich history and tremendous culture. When people say,"Location, Location Location," they are talking about Brownsville!

Brownsville is located on the U.S.–Mexico border, opposite Matamoros, Tamaulipas and minutes from beaches of Boca Chica and South Padre Island.
GreenJay Brownsville TexasDid you know?  Brownsville's location at the intersection of different climate regimes (subtropical, Chihuahuan desert, Gulf Coast plain, and Great Plains) causes it to be a birding location. Its unique network of resacas (distributaries of the Rio Grande and oxbow lakes) provide habitat for nesting/breeding birds of various types – most notably during the spring and fall migrations.

You can do anything in our city.  You can hike, bike, fish, canoe, take in a show, or join a sports league, host an event, and more.  Our parks and recreation department offers amenities and outdoor recreational opportunities to the public all year around.

Create your own  adventure, or celebrate a special occasion.

There’s more to explore at our recreation centers than just our gyms, pools and fitness rooms! We also offer a wide variety of exciting events and programs for all ages. Registration is required for some events, you can sign up HERE.