The Athletics Division offers year round adult and youth athletics leagues, tournaments, and events, which promote a healthy lifestyle for city residents and surrounding communities. The Division is comprised of 2 divisions: Adult Athletics and Youth Sports.

2020 Sports Leagues Registration Deadlines 

Little Dribblers
3-4 years of age
January 20 - February 21
 $35 per player
Mens 35 and Up Basketball  35 years of age and over February 24 - March 27 $325 per team
Youth Summer Basketball
9-18 years of age
March 9 - April 10
$40 per player
 Youth Summer Basketball  3-8 years of age  April 13 - May 15  $40 per player
Youth Summer Volleyball
9-18 years of age
April 13 - May 15 $40 per player
Adult  Basketball 18 years of age and up June 8 - July 10 $325  team
Fall Flag Football  7-12 years of age August 10 -Sept. 11 $45 per player
 Fall Volleyball  7-12 years of age  August 10 - Sept. 11  $45 per player
 Adult Basketball  18 years of age and up  Sept. 21 - Oct. 3  $325 team 
 Youth Basketball  5-12 years of age  Oct. 26 - Dec. 4  $45 per player

Where Can I Register?

• If your child is not on a team please contact the office so that your child may be added to the Free Agent List. This will allow us to present the information as we get more volunteer coaches to gather kids on a team.

• If you are registering a team you must contact the office via phone or email to gather the team registration forms.

• If a child is on a team and the team is registered for the season, payments will be accepted by online via RecDesk.

Our offices are located at 
104 El Paso Road  Brownsville, Texas  78520
Phone:  (956) 547-6861