Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal's Office is a critical part of the Brownsville Fire Department's effort to protect the citizens of Brownsville against loss of life and property. These efforts are done through fire code development and enforcement, investigations, and public education. 

The Brownsville Fire Marshal's Office is under the direction of Fire Marshal Daniel Villarreal. 

Brownsville Fire Marshal's Office Patch

Festivities are upon us! Charro Days and Sombrero Fest! Here is some information for the vendors at the event from the Brownsville Fire Marshal's Office. Stay safe and most importantly, have fun! 

Logo for Charro Days
Logo for Sombrero Fest
To make payment for the inspection, please come by our office. The charge for temporary food stands is $10 a day. Make sure to make the payment before 02/22/18.

Vendors with food trucks/trailers:
If you are cooking or frying in your unit, you MUST have a hood fire suppression system, that is in working order and has been inspected and tagged by a licensed fire suppression system company. If it is not, we will not allow you to operate.