The most sophisticated mix of apparatus for the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley. The Brownsville Fire Department protects a diverse and challenging community. The Brownsville fire department is fairly unique, with an airport, a nautical port of entry, several international bridges, a beach and, rural areas throughout the City of Brownsville. To protect all of that, a wide variety of specialized firefighting and life safety apparatus is required.

Brownsville Fire Engine Company

All Brownsville fire engines are triple combination apparatus, meaning they can pump water, carry hose, and have a water tank. These powerful fire engines are the core of the City's fire defense system. They are housed in dual-engine fire stations as well as a medic unit alongside it.

HAZMAT Apparatus

HAZMAT (hazardous materials) in the event of a chemical or dangerous toxin emergencies, or a bomb threat, the Brownsville Fire Department will dispatch a hazmat apparatus. This hazmat apparatus is used by highly trained hazmat technicians this rig is an essential component of every citizen of Brownsville's safety.

Aircraft Rescue Apparatus

This is one of the very specialized apparatus stationed at the Brownsville airport. Originally called "crash rigs" these fire engines are specifically designed to quickly suppress fire in the event of an aircraft accident. Today, fire suppression apparatus are referred to as ARFF rigs, or aircraft rescue firefighting apparatus. Before any Brownsville fire member can join an ARFF company, they must successfully complete training in Airport Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) practices that meet national fire protection association standards.

Water Rescues

Dive team: more than just apparatus. The Brownsville Fire Department dive team is a combination of firefighters with training and specialized gear. They are dispatched to floods or situations or a person (or animal) is trapped in water. The dive team uses a boat, floats, and other gear to help rescue people and animals.

Heavy Rescue Apparatus

This apparatus is unique because of all of the specialized equipment that it carries. From all kinds of extrication tools, to search and rescue capabilities. This apparatus also responds to every major emergency event and it also carries oxygen to refill air bottles for firefighters on a fire ground scene.