Scarecrow Trail Help


Your 'Scare Crew is on its way to becoming a 2018 Dean Porter Park Scarecrow Trail Champion. Here are some suggested tips to get started down the trail to victory! 


Think about what your business, family or organization is all about! Get creative with materials and ideas; your field of business or motto can provide great ideas for props. If all else fails, search the internet for scarecrow ideas. There are lots of good examples online. You could also use your favorite movie villain, cartoon character, celebrity, sports star, cartoon character, historic figure, forest animal, etc.


It’s important to weatherproof your scarecrow! Scarecrows will be subject to weather for the entire duration of event. They need to be constructed with weather-resistant materials and Scotchgarded. 

Clothing that does not fade easily, such as nylon and polyester, will hold up better than cotton. While you can use an array of materials, some aren’t so great for the great outdoors. 

Newspaper or water-soluble packing peanuts will not hold up when exposed to weather. However, they can be used as stuffing when encased in weatherproof plastic bags. Avoid perishable produce like pumpkins because they will rot. 

Design your scarecrow so that you can attach it to the frame at the ankles, waist and shoulders. Bring extra fabric or a belt to cover the attachment. Your ‘crow will stay outdoors in a public park, so make sure everything is secure. Sewing is best, but large safety pins or staples will work. Clear tape will not hold up to weather, but electrical or duct tape may be a better option.


  • Boards and sticks for back support and arms
  • Search your closet and thrift stores to outfit your scarecrow
  • Plastic bags for stuffing arms and legs
  • Heavy duty rubber, gardening or leather gloves for hands
  • Rope, string, staples, glue or paint
  • Remember the details! A glittering pair of high- heels or slick pair of shades may be just what your Scarecrow needs


  • Facial expression is the first thing a viewer will notice. Draw a face with a permanent marker or sew a face with pieces of felt or colored cloth.  Use a mask and or your imagination.
  • Make a head by packing plastic bags into an old pillowcase or pour paint into a one-gallon plastic milk carton to coat the inside
  • Ideas for hair: yarn, broom, shredded plastic, moss, raffia, a scarf or an old mop head--anything.
  • Attach the head by pulling it down onto the top of the post and attaching with a wire, nails or staples