Fire Inspections

The Brownsville Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for conducting and coordinating fire inspections for many different types of occupancies, such as daycare facilities, restaurants, doctor offices, theaters, and many more.

Fire Inspectors conduct these inspections to identify and correct any hazards or conditions that could cause a fire, contribute to its spread, and that could endanger occupants and firefighters during a fire.  

Each and every inspection is done with everyone's safety in mind. Prevention and preparation is key!

To schedule a fire inspection, you can either call our office at (956) 548-6075 or stop by our office at 1036 E Levee St. Brownsville, TX. 

Common Question: What is it that I need to do or get done prior to my fire inspection? The list below has forms that you can print out and use.

Fire Inspector checking a fire sprinkler inspection tag