Planning and Development Services Department


The Planning and Development Services Department’s mission is to guide and regulate the City’s growth and land use development. Our Department is primarily responsible for creating and implementing development-related ordinances and long-range land use plans; reviewing subdivision and site development plans; and conducting code enforcement and inspections to ensure adherence to City ordinances and construction codes. Planning and Development Services Department staff is also tasked with providing professional and technical expertise to citizens, elected and appointed officials, and other City departments.


1. Promote quality development and uses of the land through the conscientious application of zoning and building regulations.
2. Support the benefits and implementation of green infrastructure while protecting the City’s natural environments and unique natural resources.
3. Preserve, restore and repurpose historic sites, structures, objects and buildings to safeguard the community’s heritage by making it available to future generations for civic enjoyment and educational purposes.
4. Facilitate economic growth through various plans and programs.
5. Enhance the City’s quality of life by developing safe public spaces and an interconnected network for alternative transportation, such as walking and biking.


1. Provide ethical and professional customer service standards with enduring respect for our customers and public trust.
2. Review and process permit applications and plans expeditiously and efficiently.
3. Complete inspections expeditiously to ensure compliance with Building Codes and City Ordinances.
4. Complete demolitions of substandard structures to guarantee safety and public welfare.
5. Promote economic opportunity in the Historic Downtown/Main Street District.
6. Prepare and facilitate the implementation of plans, studies and reports.
7. Continually assess existing ordinances, regulations and processes administered by the division to streamline or amend as needed.
8. Identify and apply for local, state and or federal assistance programs to further division’s goals or to assist other City departments or agencies in their applications.