The Brownsville Beautification Committee is committed to not only the maintenance of prior projects, but also the creation of new projects for the betterment of our fine city.  On this page you will find a list of past projects as well as current and future projects that are in the planning and budgeting stage.
  1. Historical Project Highlights
  2. Current or Recent Projects
  3. Completed Projects

• BBC Ordinance 1991 - 1st Chairman Guy Huddleston - 10 pt. plan
• Goal to plant 10,000 trees by 2000, goal met in April 1999
• Acquired tree spade, watering truck
• Creation of Green Division in 1995
• Commercial Landscape Ordinance Creation Nov. 1999
• Landscape Designer hired for planning, design, mgmt. of projects
• City Forester position established June 2001
• Annual Arbor Day Ceremonies
• Established a City Nursery on Dockberry Road
• Annual City Wide Cleanups Spring and Fall

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