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In 1991, the City Commission unanimously approved Ordinance 91-1234, the Beautification Committee Ordinance.   

Over the past 19 years, the BBC has designed and implemented more than 100 projects throughout the City of Brownsville. The BBC has countless hours of volunteer service on beautification projects, grants and educational projects, planning and implementing of the landscape ordinance, planning and coordinating of public outreach projects such as community litter campaigns and events, as well as tree planting projects such as the Communi-Trees project where more than 300 trees were supplied and installed in the Southmost area of Brownsville through a forestry grant and volunteer efforts.

     The mission of the BBC is to: plan, implement and maintain community beautification projects through public relations, citizen involvement and political action to enhance the quality of life for Brownsville.

 The following links provide information on the history, projects, programs, and services that make up the purpose and goals for the BBC.
  1. Historical Highlights
  2. Awards
  3. Partnerships & Events
  4. Beautification
  5. Major Corridor Beautification

  • 1st Chairman Guy Huddleston - 10 point plan set out
  • Goal to plant 10,000 trees by 2000, goal met in April 1999
  • Acquired tree spade, watering truck
  • Creation of Green Division in 1995
  • Sign Ordinance
  • Commercial Business Tree and Landscape Ordinance Nov. 1999
  • City Forester June 2001
  • Landscape Designer
  • Annual Arbor Day Ceremonies
  • Established a City Nursery on Dockberry Road
  • Annual City Wide Cleanups Spring and Fall


  1. Design & Project Management
  2. Education
  3. Public Awareness
  4. Litter Prevention & Cleanup
  5. Illegal Dumping & Enforcement

  • Tree City USA designation since 1999 (10 Years)
  • Greens Division (Winner of the Texas Community Forestry Award in 1997)
  • Winner of the Texas Community Forestry Award 1993
  • Environmental Champion Award for Landscape Ordinance
  • Texas Forest Service and Texas Urban Forestry Council 1999 Community Forestry Award