Brownsville Beautification Committee



To the Brownsville Beautification Committee and Keep Brownsville Beautiful Web site. This is the place to find information on the purpose and projects of the Committee as well as the Keep Brownsville Beautiful campaign.


The purpose of the Committee is to beautify city-owned property through planting and landscaping; to participate in the creation of city ordinances that enhance the beauty of Brownsville; to act as a catalyst for special projects related to city-wide beautification efforts.


The Committee is also the driving force behind the Keep Brownsville Beautiful project which seeks to encourage residents and businesses to create and maintain landscaping and “green” areas that enrich and beautify the community.


The purpose of this Web site is to provide information to the residents of Brownsville on municipal beautification projects and what they can do to make a difference in our City.


The Brownsville Beautiful Committee has a vacancy. The vacant space is reserved by commission decree for a resident in District 1.apply-for-BBC-dec-2019-you

District Map information can be found HERE.


Grant Application

The Brownsville Beautiful Committee is accepting Letters of Intent for its Beautification Grant, which provides organizations up to a $5,000 match for beautification projects. Applicants can select from a menu of eligible projects that support the core values Brownsville Beautiful Committee. For more information on how to apply, please click on the link below and download the Application form.

Artboard 1BBC GRANT


Plan, implement, and maintain community beautification projects through public relations, citizen involvement and resource agencies to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Brownsville.