Gaming Day


Gaming Day takes place every other month at both our Main Branch Library and Southmost Branch Library. 

The program is designed so our patrons may enjoy the use of the library’s X-Box 360 consoles and equipment. The program itself is separated into two sessions- one from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, and the other from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

Children ages 4 – 12 are able to enjoy themselves in the earlier session, while teens ages 13 -19 may take advantage of the latter session.


During this time, all of our young patrons may choose between playing regular games such as: FAMILY GAME NIGHT, SPONGEBOB, ULTIMATE ALLIANCE, HALO 3, HALO REACH, HALO 4 and CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS. If they prefer, instead, they may also choose to use the Kinect and play games such as: DANCE PARADISE, KINECT SPORTS or KINECT ADVENTURES. 

At their arrival, all patrons are  required to sign in and are allowed 15 minute play segments, but that does not mean that is all the play time they are allowed. Once they have finished their 15-minute segment, everyone is allowed to sign up for additional play time as long as there is a time  slot still available to give away at each of our console stations.